Birthday ( Janamdin Pooja )


Birthday is the day when you marked your presence in this world and it is a very important day of the year. We all celebrate this day by throwing a birthday party, spending time with friends and family. Do you thank God for everything? You should never forget to thank god and to make a part of your happiness.

You should organize a puja with full devotion because no celebration is complete without a puja. This puja will help you to get success, peace, satisfaction, love, and happiness by removing all the obstacles and hurdles. The birthday/janamdin puja is done with the help of the Top Astrologer in Delhi who will conduct the puja with chanting of Mantras. Once the puja is finished, don’t forget to take the Prasad. This puja also helps you to have a prosperous life ahead and increasing your life.

Offer Price: Rs. 1,100/-

प्रस्ताव मूल्य: रुपये। 1,100/ –


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