Birthday is the most unique day in everybody’s life. It is the day when we denoted our quality on the planet. While the majority of us put stock in praising our birthday with cutting of a cake and a gathering, what we as a whole should recollect is to set up a gathering for the Almighty also. A gathering for the Almighty??? Sounds strange right? All things considered, by a gathering for the Almighty, we mean a pooja or a custom to express gratitude toward Him for giving us this life… Let us presently thoroughly understand a birthday pooja or a janamdin pooja.

A janam clamor pooja incorporates the name, Gotrauchanran and Abhishek or sacred shower of any divinity of your decision. The clerics will play out the puja according to the vedic ceremonies dependent on your introduction to the world subtleties given by you. Once the pooja is finished, you will get the pooja prasad, a stimulated Rudraksha, Yantra and photographs.