Annaprashan is a Sanskrit expression, which actually interprets as “grain inception”. It’s usually known as infant’s first nourishing or eating service. Annaprashan is a well known Hindu custom which denotes the start of strong nourishment consumption by infants. Following this custom, the other weaning nourishments are acquainted with infant’s eating routine . While the ceremonies of the service may contrast as indicated by the district, Annaprashan Celebrates infant’s change towards solids sustenance. Annaprashan is directed when an infant is prepared to expend solids diet. Annaprashan Ceremony can be performed following a half year and before the principal birthday. For young men, Annaprashan is performed amid the even months, by and large in the youngster’s 6th, eighth or tenth month. Annaprashan is performed amid the odd months for young ladies, as a rule the youngster’s seventh, ninth or eleventh month. Annaprashan is function is principally led at home or at a sanctuary